Aerosmith is Back, Steven Tyler says

Rock band Aerosmith to hit the road June 18th.

You can currently see Steven Tyler each week on American Idol, but as busy as he is, he still manages to find time to care about the band. Tyler said Aerosmith have been in studio for the last month.

Tyler currently seems in great spitits, with good reasons as Idol and Aerosmith are both going well.

Aerosmith is working with producer Jack Douglas (Toys in the Attic, Draw the Line) and as every fan would expect, the classic Aerosmith sound is to be brought back. According to Tyler, the next Aerosmith songs will have a “vintage sound”.

So far, the session feel like they did back in the day, according to Tyler. “I’m having such a good time writing again,” said the singer.

And even more good news for all fans, Aerosmith will hit the road beginning this June. “June 18th it starts,” he said. “So spread the word.”


Aerosmith – “Tough Love: Best Of The Ballads” to be released on May 10th

“Tough Love: Best Of The Ballads” by Aerosmith will be released on May 10th, 2011 via Geffen Records.

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Track List :

01. Angel
02. Amazing
03. Love In An Elevator
04. Cryin’
05. What It Takes
06. Rag Doll
07. Crazy
08. Deuces Are Wild
09. Livin’ On The Edge
10. Blind Man
11. Janie’s Got A Gun
12. Dream On

According to The Hollywood Reporter in early February, sales of Aerosmith’s greatest hits collections had increased by more than 250% following Steven Tyler’s appearance as a judge for American Idol’s 10th season.

Sales of “Big Ones” (1994 Compilation) increased by 260% after the show’s premiere on January 19th.
“Devil’s Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of Aerosmith” (2004) saw increased sales of 146% after 2 weeks.
Two other greatest hits collections have seen sales increase of 137% and 147%.

In the meantime, Aerosmith’s single “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” has been downloaded 34,000 times during the week of January 30th, a 363% increase, while the 1973 hit “Dream On” had 26,000 downloads (+318% compared to the week before).

Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith bassist, told the Boston Herald that Steven Tyler thinks he has enough time and energy to continue leading the band while being an “American Idol” judge. “Steven’s been very emphatic in saying that the way his time is arranged on the show leaves room to work on a record. He’s been taking great pains to remind everybody of that, so hopefully that’s the way it will come out.”, Hamilton said.


Aerosmith songs sales rise thanks to American Idol


Steven Tyler’s presence since American Idol premiere gave aerosmith songs sales a huge boost.


Since the 2011 season premiere, Steven Tyler being part of American Idol jury seems to bring back aerosmith songs’ popularity. 70′s and 80′s songs like “I don’t want to miss a thing” and “Dream on” are now hitting Billboard’s top list.
While nobody expected this before, Steven Tyler probably had this in mind when he signed for the Fox TV channel’s reality show. If some people thought that the 10th season would suffer from the absence of Simon Cowell, Steven Tyler’s presence seems to matter so much that American Idol doesn’t lack him anymore.

“So far, Steven Tyler has been a pretty striking presence on Idol,” said Rushfield. “He’s a wild character, and he’s pretty much pushed Simon Cowell out of people’s minds in just two weeks.”

Only a few episodes were enough to bring back Aerosmith songs’ popularity in the USA, which sales has dramaticaly incresed just after the show aired on Fox TV.

As he had never watched the show before, it seems almost clear that Tyler was on to something : getting involved with American Idol would bring back Aerosmith’s popularity to its highest in almost a decade.

Aerosmith songs “I don’t want to miss a thing” (1998) and two versions of “Dream on” (1973) now rank respectively #22, #77 and #115 on Apple’s iTunes chart.

In addition, according to Billboard, Steven Tyler’s off-the-cuff duet with Lauren Alaina of “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, that aired on Jan. 27th, followed by the original music video, led this song to enter Billboard’s Digital Songs Chart at #54. The ballad that had raigned #1 for four weeks in 1998 sold 34’000 downloads in a week between Jan. 24th and 30th, a 363% increase.


New Aerosmith songs are to come in 2011 !


Aerosmith will release a new album in 2011. They have already begun jamming sessions for new songs.

Not long ago, dispite rumors of turbulences in the band, Joey Kramer (Aerosmith’s drummer), revealed that the band intended to release an “old school” album in 2011. The latest Aerosmith’s studio album, Honkin’ on Bobo had been released in 2004. It has been followed by several years of unrest, with rumors of a potential split.

While a recent article in the New York Post claimed that because of Steven Tyler’s commitment tu be a judge on “American Idol” contest, the band couldn’t be able to work, Dina LaPolt, Tyler’s attorney replied by stating this fact : four of a band’s members, including Steven Tyler (lead singer), Brad Whitford (guitarist) and Tom Hamilton (Bassist) are currently involved in jamming sessions in Marti Frederiksen’s studios in Los Angeles. Producer Marti Frederiksen have been a long time studio collaborator for Aerosmith. Only Joe Perry (guitarist) is missing because of indefinite involvments, and there is still no information about when he will be joining the four others, though he is planning on rejoining them soon.

According to Frederiksen, in an interview with billboard.com, the jamming sessions are taking place in great conditions; with lots of work, inspiration and fun.

Fans will be craving for a tour supporting this new album, as Aerosmith’s show are know to be simply amazing.

This new album is to be released this year, and it will as long as member can keep it together !


Aerosmith Songs : Over 40 years of Rock’n’Roll

Aerosmith Songs

Over 40 years of Rock’n’Roll

The American band Aerosmith is one of the kind that has gone to hell and back. Their history is split in two main periods : the first is before they went into drugs and alcohol, and the other is after the rehab. Aerosmith was formed by the end of 1969 in Sunapee (New Hampshire) when two bands merged : Chain Reaction, which was led by Steven Tallarico, and Jam Band, which included Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton.

The first Aerosmith songs

Their first gig was played in 1970 in Massachusetts, featuring Steven Tallarico on vocals, Joe Perry on lead guitar, Ray Tabano on rhythms, Tom Hamilton on bass, and Joey Kramer on drums. Ray Tabano left the band to be replaced by Brad Whitford in 1971, and came back later to become their marketing director.

As the band’s reputation started to grow, Steven Tallarico changed his name to Steven Tyler in 1972. Their first self-titled album (Aerosmith) was released in 1973, after they signed a contract with Columbia Records. The single Pandora’s Box was included on Get your Wings, which was released in 1974 and went gold. Then Sweet Emotion became their first song hitting Top 40, and the billboard Top 20 Album Chart was hit by Toys in the Attic. 80’000 fans has been gathered for their first stadium show at Pontiac Silverdome (Michigan) on June 12th, 1976. Tickets were sold out within only 12 hours.

Rocks was released in 1976 and became platinum. Several singles including Nobody’s Fault and Draw the Line were released throughout 1977.

In 1979, the band has been deeply affected by disagreements between Steven Tyler and Joe Perry and split up. Aerosmith reformed in 1984 with Tim Collins as a new manager, and took a fresh start with new songs and albums. Done with Mirrors was released in 1985, before Run D.M.C. gave the band a push by covering Walk This Way. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry agreed to consider a rehab, and made great efforts to stay sober.

Aerosmith songs and awards

Dude (Looks Like A Lady), featured on album Permanent Vacation released in 1987, was nominated for Best Group Video and Best Stage Performance in 1988′s MTV Video Music Awards. In the meantime, Angel topped 3rd on the Billboard Charts.
Janie’s Got a Gun earned the band a Grammy award after they released Pump in 1989.
In 1993, Livin’ On the Edge, Cryin’, Crazy and Amazing, all from Get a Grip, hit the charts. Their first number one hit was I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, that they recorded for the movie Armageddon.

Aerosmith got its place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after Just Push Play, including Jaded was released in 2001. An all-blues album recorded in 2003 brought back previews fans, and earned the band new ones at the same time.

Now, after more than 40 years, Aerosmith is still rocking and rolling, touring and recording new songs !

Click here for a complete list of Aerosmith songs

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