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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas Zunch Labs- PPE Division is a full-cycle medical supplies sourcing, logistics and distribution company.

Our parent company which was founded in 2000 is Zunch Labs is a full-cycle IoT hardware and software development company dedicated to building leading edge enterprise IoT solutions and systems. www.zunchlabs.com

Our products are here in the USA – so there is no wait for your masks.

Due to the current issues globally we have focused our current efforts and resources to help other people protect themselves with the best quality face masks. We believe that everyone’s health is a right and that we should all try to use our resources to aid those in need.

We have been in the business of distribution and manufacturing for over a decade. We have the capacity and logistics set up to handle orders quickly with great customer service.

However, if you are interested in other products such as hand sanitizers, face shields, and gowns in large volume, please contact us.



All orders over $175 receive Free Shipping.
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